Safest Crypto Coins For 2022 Crypto Crisis

With the number of cryptocurrencies available in the market, investors find it hard to determine between quick short-term wins and promising long-term growth potential. On the other hand, altcoins are a cheaper option to established cryptocurrencies.

Altcoins offer high returns in a bullish market but carry higher risk than Bitcoins. They depreciate quickly in bear markets. Generally, cryptocurrencies with small market caps are more volatile than established ones. For investors, it is wise to trade cryptocurrencies having a $100 million market capitalization because it ensures proper liquidity.

Safest Crypto Coins for 2022

The following cryptocurrencies have the potential to overcome the 2022 crypto crisis and survive for years and sustain the existing uptrend.


BTC is the best crypto investment for the long term. BTC was the first cryptocurrency designed to replace fiat currencies. Today, Bitcoin is accepted across the world even with its highly volatile price moves, it is the favorite crypto amongst investors.

In the last decade since its inception, Bitcoin has proven its resilience. It has survived national government bans and escalating criticism from politicians, the banking sector, media, and environmentalists. Several bans and criticism have caused the Bitcoins market crash but it has always recovered. It has, again and again, proved its reliability as a long-term investment.

In the Central African Republic and El Salvador, BTC is offered a legal tender status. Its adaptability in the eCommerce sector is on the rise. Many developments are unfolding, so the value of BTC is projected to continue rising.


Since its launch in 2015, ETH has mutated into becoming a huge smart contract platform. ETH is a large DeFi Platform and the majority of emerging crypto technologies use blockchain that drives Ethereum. It is just a little behind Bitcoin with regard to market cap.

The majority of NFTs stand on Ethereum’s network. With an increase in NFT buyers, the rates of Ether can increase. NFTS is sold and bought using Ethereum, so more NFT buyers also mean more demand for ETH. There is no reason to feel or believe that Ethereum will run off its course. Investors can consider adding ETH to their crypto portfolio.

Tether [USDT]

USDT token has sustained its collateral with the USD even after its small dip in early 2022, despite the DDOS attack. It is a stable coin that is pegged with the US dollar. It means, the USDT wallet value stays $1 consistently even if it has fallen a little, and the coin holders can redeem 1 USDT for $1.

Stablecoin is consistently ranking the third largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and Ethereum. As the dollar soared during the invasion of Russia on Ukraine, Tether witnessed a significant increase of over 30% against the Russian Rouble.

Polygon [Matic]

It is based on the Ethereum protocol and scales Defi rapidly. Polygon is undoubtedly an effective Layer-2 scaling protocol for ETH. Developers can create and deploy several highly scalable and flexible crypto apps and programs.

With ETH 2.0 upgrade users will need to pay lower transaction fees as well as settle the transactions within a few seconds. Unlike other layer-2 scaling solutions, the Polygon Matic has the potential to survive with ETH 2.0 upgrade. Visit ZenGo X to get a polygon wallet to store your Matic and even increase your cryptocurrency knowledge.

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